In its most basic form, an access control system is a facility management tool that allows you to control who goes where and when. It controls the individual access to each system controlled entry point, be it, doors, elevators, parking gates, or garage doors. It can protect your personal and intellectual property, inventory, equipment and buildings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Furthermore, the system tracks every single system transaction and logs it into a database, giving you a record of everything that has happened on your system, day or night.

Need to find an employee, perform an investigation into theft or vandalism, or simply adjust or limit an employees access privileges? No problem. With a professionally installed access control system, you get the type of control and security that a standard lock and key system just can’t provide. You regain control and security over your facilities.

In today’s world standard keys to control entry to doors and restricted areas simply no longer provides the kind of security that businesses require. Keys present a host of issues, such as their ability to be easily duplicated and re-distributed. Meaning you can quickly lose control of your building or facility. There is also the issue of employee or tenant turn-over. When employees or old tenants leave with your keys you run the risk of unthinkable repercussions, often forcing you into incurring the costly project of re-keying and re-issuing keys potentially several times a year. And lastly with keys you can’t track who has entered secured or restricted areas. There are no “time of day restrictions” and you can’t change an individuals access privileges on a moments notice. 

Furthermore, an integrated access control system has the following benefits above and beyond the capabilities of standard locks and keys, they can operate garage doors or parking gates, provide full access reports, integrate with your alarm and CCTV system, enforce time restrictions or schedules, and provide remote building status updates. The fact is keys no longer measure up in this high tech world of ours. 
With an electronic access control system, you can stay informed and in control of your business or building from anywhere at anytime. Integrate a CCTV surveillance system, and you get an impressive tool that gives you total control over your business and its security.

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