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Bell TV $30/month*TV basic package in Bell bundle

Order Bell TV now, you will get 1st HD 6131 receiver for Free(Reg. $199), and
2nd and 3rd standard digital receivers for Free (Reg. $99x2)
You owned these receivers that means you purshes them for Free if you order Bell TV and contract 2 years(For bell new TV customers only) 
Order now, you will save a lot, you don't need to pay rental fee any more.
  • Basic (100 digital channels+20 Free HD channels)

  • Free 1 HD receiver + 2 standard receivers (Reg. $199+2x$99)

  • Free professional installation up to 4 TVs (Reg. $150)

  • Free 1 year International channels (Reg. $10x12=$120, ATN, ZEE TV, SONY, CHINESE COMBO)

*For Bell new TV customers only and need to contract 2 years! Digital service charge $3/mo


Download the complete programming guide 
Download the international programming guide
Download the complete channel list


International Combo 1 Year Free!


Bell Fibe TV $30/month*TV basic package in Bell bundle


Check availability of Fibe TV in your area, please clickhere.
Rent a HDPVR or HD receiver for Free in 2 Years contract!
Installation Cost:
  • $59 on 2 year term (includes 1-3 receivers)
  • $159 on 1 year term (includes 1-3 receivers)
  • $259 no contract (includes 1-3 receivers)
  • Each additional receiver $50
For Bell new TV customers only
For Bell Fibe TV, customers must select Bell Fibe internet
  • Essential Plus, $29.95/mo (1-12months)
  • Fibe 6, $39.95/mo (1-12 months)
  • Fibe 12, $49.95/mo (1-12 months)
  • Fibe 16, $59.95/mo (1-12 months)

It's not cable or satellite!


Bell Home Phone $19.95/month* in Bell bundle

  • Home phone Basic (Reg $34.95) 

  • The basics and the best price

  • Unlimited local calling

  • Call Waiting and call display

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Bell Internet $19.95/month* in Bell bundle

  • Download speed: up to 2 Mbps

  • Upload speed: up to 800 Kbps

  • Internet usage: 2 GB of bandwidth per month

  • Free Wireless Home Networking for all your home computers
    Connect wirelessly to share files and printers

  • Built-in security

  • Enjoy Security Basic service with parental controls, pop-up blocker and privacy controls.  

  • Usage Monthly Plan: 40GB/$5; 80GB/$10; 120GB/$15


Essentials Plus


Fibe 12

Fibe 16

Fibe 25

Download Speed (Up to)

2 Mbps

6 Mbps

12 Mbps

16 Mbps


Upload Speed (Up to)

800 Kbps

1 Mbps

1 Mbps

1 Mbps

7 Mbps

Usage Limit

2 GB

25 GB

50 GB

75 GB

75 GB

Overage Charge/GB






Regular Price 

$34.95 *

$44.95 *

$54.95 *

$64.95 *

$70.95 **

Our Discount






Our Best Price






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Bell Bundle Offer from $69.90/month*

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