As businesses in around Saskatchewan begin to expand in size, the demand for structured cabling solutions in Saskatoon will grow dramatically. Structured cabling becomes absolutely imperative for larger structures which rely on large, building-wide communications systems. The benefits of these systems which are enabled by structured cabling is that they reduce costs, enable calling and desktop features, and improve the communications efficiency of workers within the building.

For builders in Saskatoon, including a structured cabling solution can be a key selling point to potential buyers for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it greatly modernizes the structure, allowing users of the space to include new technologies as they arrive on the marketplace. You wouldn’t, for instance, construct a building without power cabling, would you? Absolutely not. In the 21st century, it would be just as absurd not to include a structured cabling solution of CAT-5/6 or fiber optics. With the increasing prevalence of “smart” technologies, it’s only a matter of time before buildings themselves become “smart”, a feat which would be made much easier and faster with a hard-line versus potentially unreliable WiFi systems.

For those interested in moving into an older building, outfitting it with a cabling system can greatly modernize your structure. With the inclusion of end-user ethernet connection linked to a centralized server, you and your staff can enjoy near costless long distance, greatly accelerated internet access, and a massive amount of 21st century features. Of course, all of this is compared to the alternative of a conventional phone system and WiFi internet from a distant router using a non-optimized internet system.

The Saskatoon market is becoming more and more competitive over time, and with competition comes the need to become more and more efficient. Sticking with old, outdated technologies like conventional telephone systems instead of VoIP, or neglecting the inclusion of a unified communications system.

Over time, the oil sands will expand into Saskatoon. As we’ve seen in Alberta in the last number of years, development occurs very very quickly. If your business is currently established in Saskatoon, now is the time to invest in infrastructure to render yourself more efficient than any competition that may enter the markets.

This kind of proactive thinking is the kind that will keep your business ahead and prevent potential disasters caused by wealthy new entrants into the markets. Any successful businessperson knows that there are endless other businesspeople out there who would like nothing more than to deprive you of your hard-earned customers.

A very simple way of ensuring that your customers stay loyal to you is to provide a higher level of customer service than the competition, and a great way to do this is by improving the way all of your staff communicates. There is a very simple solution to this problem – invest in a structured cabling solution for your business. It enables so many modern features that you will be amazed that you were ever able to live without it.