Our Data & Fibre Optic Services

Sasksupport has been in business for many decades and we stay ahead of our competitors by staying on top of technological advances. We know that the way businesses are connected has changed so we make sure that we continue to offer integrated services so that we can do the whole job from power to internet to multimedia.

Sasksupport in Saskatoon is a certified data cabling company for installation, design, and maintenance of data cabling. We are also certified in fibre optic design, installation, and maintenance.

Sasksupport  offers the following services on projects across Saskatchewan:

  • End to end solutions for data and fiber optic
  • CAT3, CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6E cabling
  • Single mode and multi-mode fiber
  • Ethernet, coaxial cable
  • Data cabling
  • Network cabling, Internet
  • Racks, hubs, switches
  • Fiber optic system upgrades
  • VOIP

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